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eBooks on Demand

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eBooks on Demand (EOD) is a service for the digitization of out-of-copyright books, i.e., works whose author has been dead for more than 70 years. In contrast to usual document delivery services, only complete items are scanned, i.e., from cover to cover. After scanning, an automatic process of text recognition (OCR) is carried out, this is also possible for foreign languages and Gothic or German script (“Fraktur”). eBooks are provided to the customer in PDF format, the full-text of which can be searched thanks to the OCR process. However, we must advise that the automated text recognition process is never without at least some errors and that its accuracy decreases with the age of the object to be digitized.

eBooks on Demand is a European network, established in 2006, that stems from a project funded by the European Union. The University Library of the Medical University of Vienna has been part of the EOD network since 2009.

Terms of Use

You are free to use and print the ordered eBook for your own personal use. However, it is not permitted to make the eBook available on the internet or to exploit it commercially.

The library also reserves the right to make the eBook accessible to the public via the library homepage after a period of six months.


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